Wednesday, April 7, 2021

The Zombie Generator Hacks Part 2


The generator hackow system is a very efficient and flexible weapon. It is a high tech device used by the zombies to attack and defend themselves from the players. The zombie generator is a unique weapon that is available only in zombies vs zombies game on Facebook. You can easily take advantage of this by using some simple tips when using the hack generator.

When you are in combat with the zombies, always have an extra supply of food and bandages so that your health bar will not go down. You can get some food from the mailbox every fifteen seconds or so. There is also a mushroom on the top of the generator, which can give the player experience points if it is clicked on.

When the player's health gets lower, they will need some power ups such as the hackow. You can find the hack inside the building near the zombies. It is important to repair the generator when needed. To do this, simply go to the garage and search for a tool which can be used for repair. Once you find one, hack the power outlet and use the tool to fix the generator.

Before going on the offensive, you must be aware of the weak spots of the generator. The weak spots are the wheels at the bottom of the device. Use the wire cutter to cut the wires and repair the wheel at the bottom.

When a player is approaching the generator, they must make sure to have something to shoot at it. Use the pipe bomb to shoot at the zombies. If you are close enough to the generator, you will notice there is a switch near it. On the floor of the generator is a sticky pad which you should use to push it over so that you can get close enough to it and damage it. Go Here

When you are done repairing the generator, hack away zombies until only the main body of the generator is left. Use the trash compactor on the front part of the generator and stand behind it. Once the robot is damaged, you can start hacking away at it using the hopper.

A very effective strategy is to lure the zombies into shooting the generator. If you have lots of them, the generator will not be able to handle all of them at once. In that case, just slowly shoot the main body until the zombies are too exhausted to move. Just keep in mind that if you get hit, you will have less energy than you normally do. Get back to the safety of the original star base before any of the generators are destroyed. It will help you out in the long run.

The final strategy is to hack away at the generator while you have more health than any of the other players. This is because the generator has low HP and does not have much power to transfer to other players. The more health you have, the better off you are. Also, the generator is going to be slowed down by the damaged parts. Once you get all the power ups, you can go for the last attack on the star base with the help of the plasma beam.



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